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September 23 2013

July 18 2013

July 05 2013


The Candela Corporation announced that its GentleYAG® laser now offers consumers "skin tightening" treatments adding to the laser's current applications; leg and facial vein removal. The GentleYAG "tightens" by heating the underlying layers in the skin and forming new collagen resulting in smoother, younger looking skin. The GentleYAG's patented epidermal cooling system, the Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD™), protects the skin with every laser pulse allowing for quick results

June 17 2013


June 07 2013

Lumiere Facial Laser Hair Removal | Face Laser Hair Removal Virginia

Facials are an important part of every smart skincare routine. The benefits are obvious, healthy-looking skin that's incredibly clean, smooth and radiant. And the overall experience is the ultimate in relaxation and luxury. Our experienced and licensed estheticians are fully trained in the Sothys Paris technique, to assure you of the utmost comfort, courtesy and care.
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